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Common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Part 1:
Introduction: The common carp, Cyprinus carpio is a widespread freshwater fish that belongs to the minnow family “Cyprinidae”. This species is a relatively large species with weights which range from 2-14 kg. The life span of common carp in the wild is up to 20 years. Originally, common carp is native to Europe and Asia and is now the most domesticated and cultivated carp species throughout the world.
Habitats: Common carp can inhabit a wide range of habitats such as lakes, manmade impoundments, but they prefer lower sections of rivers (usually with slow to moderately flowing water), especially those with turbid water.
Water salinity up to about 5‰ is tolerable by common carp. However, based on the occurrence of common carp in in brackish-water estuaries, backwaters, and bays, there are some reports on the common carp living in brackish-water marshes with salinities up to 14 ppt in southern France and on capturing common carp in waters with salinities as high as 17.6 ppt. in USA. Even the best growth of common carp is obtained when water temperature ranges between 23 °C and 30 °C, fish can withstand higher water temperatures and can survive cold winter periods.
Common carp are mainly bottom dwellers but search for food in the middle and upper layers of the water body.
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A subsequent introduction of the species took place in 1877 from Germany for the purpose of stocking and distributing the species as food fish throughout much of the United States. The dam breaks and blood events led to the escaping of common carp to open waters. Moreover, the use of juvenile carp as bait fish resulted in further introductions of common

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