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In this country where everyone has something to say, thanks to social media, only time will tell when someone or something will be stereotyped. While it is also true that in terms of hospitality, engagement and other means of friendship – Filipinos will always be number 1 but most often than not we also stereotyped. That goes the same with the Queen City of the South, Cebu. Just a little bit of trivia, did you know that Cebu is the home of the very first Filipino Hero and also the oldest City in the Philippines? Lapu-Lapu, the very first Filipino hero, is the first Filipino to be recognized who resisted against foreign invasion against Ferdinand Magellan. It was also his victory over Ferdinand Magellan that solidify his Hero status. Cebu City is the first Spanish settlement, hence being the oldest city in…show more content…
That is why here, once and for all, I am going to shed light to this “myth” about Cebu. A vacation in Cebu is ‘EXPENSIVE’ While it is not cheap, it is not also as expensive as others are saying. It is about perspective. If you want to do your vacation during peak season, anywhere in the world would be expensive, but do it in a regular season then you will be spending much much less. For travelers outside the region, the fastest mode of travel for you is to book a plane to Cebu and that could be expensive – or not. It’s very famous nowadays the so called “piso fare” whereas you will only be paying 1 peso for the air fare but if you think that you will be paying 1 peso then you’re wrong. There are other things you need to pay but all in all you will be paying as low as PHP800 or $16 for a back and forth trip. Yep that cheap. For your accommodations, there are lots and lots to choose from. From a cheap resorts to a luxury resorts in cebu, from cheap motels to a five star hotels, and for those ‘budget Nazi’ there also transient homes available for
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