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Change is a time in your life where going out of your comfort zone usually to see a better outcome. I think change is meant to be good for you. Even when it seems tough, you are learning and growing as a person. Change happens slowly, but it happens. I personally hate change, It makes me feel like I 'm in a very difficult adjustment. Change makes me think i 'm always letting a big piece of my life go that I can’t get back. When change comes to my life I see it as the glass being half empty instead of half full. I always think negatively even when its for a positive outcome. I see myself today as a deeply humble and passionate girl. Im someone who knows they are not perfect. I 'm also a person who has or shows strong feeling and strong…show more content…
Being lazy dictates my life. I’ve always seemed to put myself last in life, which caused me to be very down on myself and feel like i 'm always 500 steps behind. When I think i 'm so far behind it makes me think that I can’t catch up, and I won 't try to catch up. With always feeling like I’m behind I get this anxiety and pressure of literally just trying to catch up. For example, When it comes to school and golf I always feel as if I always have to get a good grade or not competing to a standard, I get this feeling that I 'm not gonna do good. which causes me to give up or not put my all in it just to see…show more content…
My self doubt is one of the biggest things that gets in my way. It makes me fail when I want to succeed. It makes me see bad outcomes before it happens. It makes me see my life as “The glass is half empty instead of half full.” It makes me have a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities. The big problem with having bad self esteem is you can not just get rid of it overnight. It is something that has to be worked on, and it could even get worse. Before I let it get worse my plan is to start believing in myself no matter the outcome. Do the best I possibly can in sports and school and if it still is not enough I will see that It is

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