Cheerleading Essay

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International Olympic Committee Recognizes Cheerleading as a Sport
Gymnastics was apart of the very first Olympics, figure skating was added in 1908, and synchronized swimming in 1984. All of these sports are closely related to cheerleading, yet cheerleading today is not apart of the Olympics as well. Gymnastics tumbling is the same tumbling that cheerleaders do in a routine but some people still say that gymnastics is more of a sport than cheerleading is. Figure skaters have a set routine that they compete to try to win competitions which is exactly what cheerleaders do as well. Even synchronized swimming is like cheerleading because they both have their athletes do motions that have to hit on the same count and be perfectly timed in order
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The first part says an activity which cheerleading is because people take time out of their days to come to practice and make themselves better athletes. Cheer takes up alot of someone's life because school cheerleading is everyday after school for two of more hours for the football and the basketball season, and then also they have games every week that takes up all of their Fridays. Competitive cheerleading is two or more practices a week that are two and a half hours for the entire year. Competition cheer is an all year round sport that has no off season. This amount of time isn't including choreography camps or dance camps which are set dates in which the teams routine are made and they need up to five days for that and all the days are at least six hours long since the routines are so complex. Also not included in this is the time it takes to drive to competitions which are usually out of state and are on both saturday and sunday. On competition day athletes must show up at least two hours early to meet and warm up to compete and then they must wait for awards which can be up to two hours after a team competes. All cheerleaders have summer training where the athletes get ready for next season so they can move up a level in competitive cheer or move up to varsity in school
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