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Reuters (2013) asserts that, in criminal laws, kidnapping means taking away or asportation of a person against the person’s will. The child kidnapping in Malaysia became more serious from day to day. The Unicef Malaysia Senior child protection specialist, Phenny Kakama said that many children may be abducted and sold for body parts; girls especially are kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery and exploitation (Li 2014). Based on Kakama’s statement, children became the victims because their body parts are still young to be sold and can gain more money than the eldest. Therefore, the parents and adults must take action on this problem. There are many ways to prevent child kidnapping such as do not let the children play alone outside the house or playground, always hold the child’s hand when walking out of the house, and hire the maid from the trusted agents. Firstly, do not let the children play alone outside the house or playground. The adults must always keep on an eye on their children. According to Crime Analyst of Law Enforcement or Security, Hashim K.A (2015), “There are many children playing unsupervised as the adults are absorbed in their mobile…show more content…
Do not let children play unsupervised, walking while holding child’s hand when going to somewhere and referring to the trusted agents in hiring the maid are the three steps that can be practiced to prevent child kidnapping. According to Professor of Sociology of Peking University, Xia Xueluan, “Morality has disappeared, and people now do anything for money. Child abduction is a truly ugly phenomenon, an extremely serious social problem.”. This means that, the kidnapper does it just for the value of money. They can threaten the parents to harm the kids if the ransom is not delivered or they can sell the kids into labor or prostitution. Therefore, it is important to take precautions for the children’s

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