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Child Labor Child Labor According to a survey financed by the International Labor Organization (June 2011) there are 5.59 million child laborers toiling in the Philippines and almost of them are weakening in hazardous conditions. Hazardous child labor is defined as being likely to harm children’s health, safety or morals by its nature or circumstances. Children may be directly exposed to obvious work hazards such as a sharp or poisonous chemicals. According to the US Department of the Labor the Philippines is one of the over 120 countries where the worst forms of child labor continue to exists .the exploitation of these numbers of Filipino children is in prostitution, pornography, agriculture, domestic work, drug trafficking and child soldiering!!!…show more content…
According to the report of Jerry E. Esplanada .The Philippines is one of 120 countries where is the worst forms of child labor that continue to exist. Perpetuating the cycle of the child labor is because of poverty and often denying of the children to attend in school the most common work in child labor or prostitution and agriculture work , domestic work and drug trafficking. US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis submitted to the US labor department the children first girls are trafficked in rural up in urban areas in domestic services .The government has identified the country s poorest municipalities and was targeting the barangays that had the highest incidence of child labor I therefore conclude that child labor in the Philippines is increasing as times go with children are illegally being exploited in different parts of the country. The job should be done by adults, especially if it is hazardous and in agricultural areas. The existing laws against child labor has been coasting red for the sole purpose of protecting the rights of the children, but statistics and study have shown that the implementation has been a problem and the appropriate authority cannot meet a high percentage of stopping if not preventing the case of

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