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It never surprises me when I heard people who are not accustomed to Chinese culture say ‘what a weird festival!’ when they see people like me go at a great length to prepare for the Chinese New Year. Indeed, this festival is rather outlandish but actually Chinese New Year is tightly connected with deep-rooted culture that has been passed on from generation to generation. Every year, waking up to find the Chinese New Year approaching on my calendar, I could hardly suppress my merriment. Its exact date varies from year to year, according to the lunar calendar, from twenty-first of January to nineteenth of February – and next year it will fall on that exact last date. The dominant zodiac, accordingly, progresses from one to another and in turn alters how your fate is regulated. Chinese astrology maintains that the date marks the transition from winter to spring, a season symbolising life and a new beginning, hence the other name “the spring festival.” On this occasion, Chinese descendants, dressed in red as it is believed to bring fortune and luck, would reassemble with their disconnected family to pay homage and respect to Heaven and family ancestors…show more content…
Dragons are legendary animals that are important to Chinese people. They find the animal helpful and amiable, a herald of fortune, longevity and wisdom in the year to come. The dragon dance, one of the most exhilarating events that most people enjoy watching, is performed to scare away evil spirits and misfortune. During the Dragon Dance, firecrackers are launched as they are believed to drive away evil spirits just like the Dragon itself. The dance often involves a dozen performers. Each of them holds a pole connected to the dragon, which is raised and lowered while marching through the crowd, bringing joy and laughter to every alley it

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