Chinese New Year Celebration Essay

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Experience Luxurious Feast this Chinese New Year at Oriental Palace image Hello dearies! The Philippines' population consists of almost 4 million Tsinoys (Filipino-Chinese) which makes Chinese New Year as one of the most celebrated occassions. I described Chinese New Year celebration here in the Philippines as colorful, festive and fun. Red is the primary color that you will see on the streets as it connotes good luck and prosperity. The highlight of the celebration would be the dragon and lion dance which believed to cast away bad luck. My favorite part of the celebration is no other than --- food (giggles). Chinese people served luscious meal on their table which they believed to bring good fortune. Some basic staples were sticky rice,…show more content…
Oriental Palace is not a noob in the restaurant industry. They started in the resturant business in 1978. Owned by Chua family, the restaurant traces its roots to Wah Yuen (Chinese Garden) a small noodle and dimsum shop across the Love Bus in Escolta. image Oriental Palace at night. It may look small outside but the place can accomodate up to 800 persons. They have different function halls and rooms as well as hot pot area which is soon to open 24/7. image image image The owner is very hands-on in the restaurant operation. Mr. Henry Chua, the father of the Operations Manager Mr. Chester Chua, usually wakes up early to buy the freshest ingredients in the market. He wants to make sure that everything is new and fresh to maintain the good standards and authenticity of the recipes. image Some live seafoods. image The dishes that they served was part of their Chinese New Year menu. These dishes were believed to bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune. This was based on the study of Feng Shui Expert Mr. Johnson Chua. This was sponsored by Hennessy V.S.O.P. image Hennessy V.S.O.P I can't wait to share with you guys the delicious dishes so let's start.

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