Chinese Spring Festival Essay

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The Chinese New Year is nearly upon us. It 's popularly known as Spring Festival, which is the biggest and the most significant holiday for Chinese people. It 's a time for families to be together.

The Chinese zodiac follows a 12-year cycle with an animal representing each year. The year that you are born determines your animal sign. This New Year is a year of the Monkey, which is regarded as a good year for innovation and improvisation. Below are everything that you need to know about the Chinese New Year.

The Origin of Chinese New Year
The Chinese meaning of this festival is Guo Nian., nian is the Chinese word for Year, literally means passing the year. The origin of the Chinese New Year can be tracked back to a legend in ancient times. Long times ago, there was a ferocious beast named nian lived in the deep
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The beast was so scared and roared, then ran back to the mountain in panic and never come back.

From then on, the tradition of observing the conquest of Nian is carried on from generation to generation. The term "Guo Nian", which may mean "Survive the Nian" becomes today "Celebrate the (New) Year" as the word "guo" in Chinese having both the meaning of "pass-over" and "observe". The custom of putting up red paper and firing fire-crackers to scare away Nian should it have a chance to run loose is still around.

How Do Chinese People Celebrate Chinese New Year
Nowadays, some celebration customs accompany the Spring Festival still followed, such as decorating their houses with all things red, paper chains, firing firecrackers, and performing a lion/dragon dance. But some have been weakened.

By the time the New Year arrives, families have already spent several days preparing for the big event; cleaning the house, buying gifts, and cooking festive foods.

Here are some traditions to celebrate Chinese New Year:
1. Clean Your Home

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