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Munting Handog, Para Sa Mga Munting Puso is an activity conducted for the students of Tipakan Elementary School to share the love and for them to have fun and realize how social interaction is important. This activity is an advanced Christmas especially for those students who cannot celebrate Christmas because of financials problem. The flow of the program is listed below: I. Prayer II. Opening Remarks III. Warm-Up Exercises IV. Games a. Bring Me b. Stop Dance c. Calamansi Relay V. Food Serving VI. Intermission Numbers VII. Gift Giving VIII. Closing Remarks IX. Picture Taking The activity starts with a prayer led by Sigfred A. Fababair followed by Aubrey Grace Titular with welcoming remarks which starts the whole program. Paul James Soteo, Jewel Andrea Patacsil and Joyce Dela Cruz are the Masters of Ceremony and Jules Bautista and Karen Briones who led the warm-up exercises. The games are bit tricky led by the Gas A students which the children really enjoys. As the games continues everybody was energetic even the facilitator and by the end of the activity no was hurt and…show more content…
Upon the program is going to starts I felt so overwhelming because I am going to celebrate Christmas with this children who are contented to what they have in the other side I feel ashamed because I always want other people to fulfill my expectations, I want them to treat me better, I want them to love me, I was so demanding of what they can do for me but this change after meeting this children who were so happy after receiving cheap things from us. They prove that Christmas is not just buying expensive things to be happy, receiving money, they show me that Christmas is more than that, that the true spirit of Christmas is giving, reminiscing and creating memories, making friends and celebrating it with joy and worry
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