How I Spent My Christmas Week Essay

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Hi, Tom! How have you been? How have you spent the Christmas week?
Sorry for the delay of my answer. I wanted to repair my photo camera and send pictures to you, but I haven 't repaired it until now :(
We celebrated the New Year holiday on the 31st of December and it was the most joyful moment of my life! My mother cooked a roast goose with apples. It was so delicious and mouth-watering, that I can 't describe it. Than we went walking with my brother, mother and father. We were playing snowball fights, displaying fireworks and drinking hot wine punch during the whole night! It was awesome, amazing. We did not spend time together for so long, because my brother was occupied with his work, and my mother did not have any free moments for walking outside together. But this New Year 's night was superb. At 3 a.m. our friends called us to congratulate us on the New Year 's beginning, and we invited them to walk with us in the heart of the city. The centre of our city was strikingly attractive, with a great deal of neon signs, decorated in honour of the New Year 's beginning. By that time the holiday show in the city centre was ended, and we were just walking and admiring a billion of stars in the sky. And I remembered you, how you love stars and how you are interested in your research.
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As for my studies, I haven 't passed all the credits and exams yet, it 's my headache. I am feeling I start hating my university)). But let 's not talk about these nasty things.
I participate in the Language Heroes Marathon! It 's a wonderful thing, the provider of marathon encourages participants to learn new languages. The goal of the marathon is to do for 12 weeks more, than you used to do during the whole year! I started to learn Greek and now I have been learning Greek for 2 weeks. It 's the site of Language Heroes, if you are interested
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