Essay About Christmas In The Philippines

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The aim of this paper is to share the information about the history of a Filipino tradition during Christmas in the Philippines which is the gift-giving or commonly known as Aguinaldo. This paper also gives the origin of gift-giving of the Christians during Christmas. The original work was made by Reynaldo Gamboa Alejandro, Lourdes B. Ilusorio, and Melissa Y. Morgan, Filipinos who wrote a book entitled Pasko! The Philippine Christmas that was published on 1998. This book tells about the different Filipino customs and traditions during the Christmas season in the Philippines. According to these authors, despite of the Americanization of Christmas celebration in the Philippines – Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and English Christmas Carols – old practices and traditions from the Spaniards still remain with us to this day. One of these traditions in Christmas that still remained with us was the gift-giving or commonly called in the Philippines…show more content…
Such contributions from the West include: Santa Claus, Christmas trees, mailing Christmas cards and caroling. The people however, are the strongest element of the Christmas celebration because they remain so gracious, hospitable, devoted to their faith, and respectful to family and friends (World Book, 1990). Christianity was brought to the region in the 1500s by these Spanish colonizers who ruled the Philippines for the next three hundred years. Thus, Christmas here is greatly influenced by this long Spanish history (World Book, 1990). Today; the Philippines are 83% Catholic (Tope & Nonan-Mercado, 2002). Produce, harvest items and baked goods are usually the gift given to friends, neighbors and relatives in the city. However, those city relatives usually send games or t-shirts. Money is always welcome. Practically is kept in mind when purchasing or making gifts. Sharing is more important than quantity when it comes to gift giving (World Book,
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