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The very popular story of cinderella is well known by many. However, has anyone really lived such a tragic story? In the case of Yen Jun-ling, the answer is yes. Known as Chinese Cinderella, Jun-ling lived a life no one would wish upon a girl so young.
The young girl has a story so similar to Cinderella. Her mother died while she was being born. That made her siblings tell her she killed her mother and she is bad luck. Her father then got remarried to a woman who is not fond of her. The woman whom he remarried, Niang, was just like the evil stepmother in Cinderella. Niang favors her own children, and practically pretends she doesn't even have step children.Out of all the step children Niang despises Jun-ling the most. That made Jun-Ling live a life with no love from her Mother, Father, and even most of her siblings.
Jun-ling was not very close to most of her family, but
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When she was with them they all treated her as if she were apart of their family. Her and Victor had become very close on the boat ride to Hong Kong. When they arrived at Hong Kong every day Niang and everyone in the family, except Adeline and Ye Ye, went on adventures and trips all around. One day Ye Ye decided to go, but there was not enough room for Adeline in the car. Victor decided that was unfair and stayed back with her at the apartment while everyone else had fun elsewhere.
Eventually Aunt Reine, her Uncle, Victor, and Claudine all left to go to Geneva. When they left the good attitude Niang had while family was visiting left too. She sent Adeline to a different boarding school. There was visiting days every Sunday, and all the girls around Adeline had their mothers visiting them. Adeline never had any visitors nor letters, and every morning everyone got boiled eggs from their parents, except for Adeline. No one ever sent eggs to school for her. The rest of the girls judged her and felt bad for her because of
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