Essay About Clothing Over Time

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FSA Practice Essay: Clothing Over Time Clothing has existed in many cultures for thousands years, and clothes have advanced in their style and functionality over all of these years. From ready-made apparel used in the America Civil War to using computers to design clothes during the 21st century, clothing has come a long way from its origins. Preferences in clothing changed drastically as well, going from preferring style over comfort to comfort over style and back again countless times throughout the years. Overall, the evolution of clothing has been one of the biggest in terms of items for humans and will most likely grow even further into the future with new and better technology. Firstly, during the years around the time of the American…show more content…
Most of the time only the rich could afford to have their clothes tailored. This is because it could take “several fittings a month” (Source 2. 6) just to get a coat made. This was not the case when tailoring first started out however. When tailoring first started out people often had to be sewn into their clothes making getting dressed difficult. Tailored clothes were also designed with much more aesthetic detail such as pictures being “embroidered by hand” (Source 2. 5) which meant clothes took hours upon hours to finish. These fancy clothes were a symbol of wealth because only the rich could afford to have these clothes custom made for them. Lower or middle class people often had their own family members making clothes for them because they could not afford to have a tailor. Most clothes made by lower to middle class people were only made of “one or two pieces of cloth” (Source 2. 4) in order to conserve cloth for other clothing. As time when on tailoring changed from making fancy designs to making clothes that fit the body well and looked good. The objective of nice clothes was now to make the body look better, not disguise it. We see this continue now, into the modern area, as we use out latest technological advancements to improve the on the clothing we wear
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