The Importance Of A College Education

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A college education is important to me because it helps secure my future. An education help me secure a well paying job to support a husband, children, family members, and also the community. With a college education, it will help build background knowledge and skills for the future in and out of work. The knowledge acquired in college will help make decision making easier, help with tasks at home, and solve problems. The skills I learn in college will give me more confidence in my future job- which I plan on going into nursing. College will help me understand the right techniques, clinical skills, and people skills to excel in the nursing career, which needs plenty of practice. College will also allow me to discuss and work with other nursing students and teachers who will give me helpful tips and tricks for the workforce down the road.…show more content…
A college education will help broaden my perspectives on different topics. I will be able to do this by meeting and discussing with plenty of new people that I will meet along the way. Meeting these new people will allow me to build on my social skills and make connections with individuals for future jobs or internships. Moreover, I will interact with people of different cultures or ethnicities. Interaction with different cultures is a key to nursing, and will allow me to excel in my
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