Essay On Color In The Great Gatsby

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Kevin Jimenez


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8 April 2016

The Great Gatsby:True Colors

Life is all about feelings and emotions and what better way to describe them using colors.

Colors are often used to describe symbolism they describe the mood of the setting and they can also differentiate the rich from the poor,colors are used in different aspects to describe someone or something. In F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, characters such as Gatsby Nick and Daisy use colors to describe their emotion of the setting, and feelings towards each other. Colors portray each character 's emotions, setting changes, and foreshadowing future events.

Colors are used to describe the feeling of who a character is trying to
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An example of how a character will try to achieve a goal with the use of colors is when gatsby is at the end of his dock and he is reaching out for a green light, Nick himself says “He stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way and far as i was from him i could’ve swore he was reaching for a green light”(p. 21). In a more clear explanation Gatsby is reaching for a green light which represents Daisy, and his goal is to conquer her but there are many obstacles in the way,the dark water represents the obstacles that are in his way. Another example of the significance of the green light is when Daisy is at Gatsby’s house and Gatsby himself exclaims “if it wasn 't for the mist we could see you green light at the end of your dock that burns all night”(p.121-122).In a brief explanation Gatsby is used to seeing daisy’s house at the end of the dock but when Daisy is with him it disappears into the mist this shows us that the goal that he was going for is all covered by the mist this shows us that he has finally conquered her. The way F.Scott Fitzgerald uses the green light shows what the green light is and how it 's very important to
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