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Some think that kids shouldn’t be involved in competitive sports and others think the opposite. Research shows, however, that playing sports lowers the percentage of obese children and gives them a healthier lifestyle, because of the many valuable lessons kids can learn from them and because competitive sports boost up your confidence and self-esteem and make kids work at their best effort in everything.
One reason why kids should be involved in competitive sports is because it could help stop the cases of obesity in children and allow them to have a healthier lifestyle. According to an article called “What are the Benefits of Competitive Sports for Youth?” from LiveStrong, “Millions of American children and teenagers are overweight. This
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For example an article called “Get off that couch and play!” published by Sports World, states, “The challenges young people encounter when participating in competitive sports mirror those they will encounter in their lives. Students learn important life skills such as how to accept criticism, how to handle oneself under the pressure of competition, how to work hard toward a goal, how to win and lose graciously.” (Eileen Booker, 2014). This is important to notice because many might say that playing sports just help build more physical strength and help kids live a healthier lifestyle, it also teaches them important life lessons. The life lessons that the children can learn from playing sports are very useful to use out in the real world and will be later on in life. In addition, an article called “8 important life lessons kids learn from playing sports” from “The Active Times” says that eight life lessons kids learn from sports are: becoming achievement oriented, accountability, just because life isn’t fair doesn’t mean you quit, being a player vs. being a performer, setting short and long term goals, repetition, character and perseverance. (Katie Rosenbrock, 2015). These lessons that kids can learn just by participating in competitive sports are very significant and helpful. It teaches them to never give up, to have goals and to have
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