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Situation Analysis Corn is the second most important staple crops in the Philippines which is next to rice. It is the source of high quality feeds at a lower cost that is why most farmers prefer planting it. Corn crops needed only a little care compare to other products that they are planting. Corn has different varieties in terms of appearance or quality and it has a significant factor that one is able to use in the society for us as a human in terms of food that we ate as well as source of feed for livestock. In times of rice scarcity, some of the farmers may prefer mixing white corn and rice as main staple food in order not to skip their meal. This is because corn is also containing carbohydrates like rice. Among animals, corn is…show more content…
They always notice that corn is a cheaper product, but they do not even appreciate the sacrifice of most of the corn farmers throughout their life. The researchers want to find out the problems that faced by the corn farmers not only in financial aspects but also in their social, economic and physical aspects. Most neglect the importance of corn. They see it as low source of income. Many corn farmers also encounter problems that can contribute to poor harvest. Those problem may include lack of support from the government or their support may not be enough to finance farmer’s need. That needs is why they borrow money from their relatives, friends or co-farmers lack of irrigation system also contribute to poor harvest. Most of the time they depend on rain for their corn crops. Climate change is also the problem when harvest time, sometimes they harvest ahead of time to save the crops from devastating storms. During second cropping they encounter insects that destroy the crops and even before they grow. Most farmers are not exempted to overcome all of these problems they face. Sometimes farmers really lose yield despite adequate irrigation, fertilizer and machinery the corn plants would grow smaller and smaller until they dry up and produce poor

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