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Do you know what a makeup artist are called? They are called Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist. A makeup artist uses makeup products to enrich or change an actor's or performer's appearance. They may work with movie actors, T.V. actors, or stage entertainers. A beautician will usually attends cosmetology school for several months to a year. When you plan to become a Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist the median annual earnings were $60,970, and median hourly wages were $29.31 as of 2016. This is the most highly paid of all careers in the cosmetology field. You know when you go get your nails and toes done at a salon, did you know you have go to school to become a manicurist and pedicurist? A manicurist titivate customers' fingernails and a pedicurist care for their toenails. They all clean, trim, and file nails, and apply polish to them. When…show more content…
As a beautician, you will always have be updated on new styles and techniques. Licensed cosmetologists are very skilled in their training. The training covers all beauty features, client management, environmental safety, and maintenance in the workplace. In order to be very successful in cosmetology, you will need the skills to accomplish nail and aesthetic services. All because cosmetologists work with many different fields, you will have be exceptional in your management skills while also making each client feel like a star.
A hands-on experience talked before needs a little more explaining because most traditional educations don’t have that. In a traditional educational system, you are expected to read, remember, and repeat what you read. But with any cosmetology school, you can be in the classroom getting your hands dirty. Many people should have the opportunity to learn by doing and not by reading about it. This can be helpful when you come to the workplace because you will already have a little more experience than most people in the

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