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GJ ranch Kailua Kona, Hawaii, cows crying and running everywhere thru fences which most would be scared of. Cowboys yell, running full speed on their horses catching cattle and roping. Irons burning the skin of cattle, branding cattle, castrating cattle and then shipping them off. Family is coming from all over the island to join and help as grandma's cooking, kids are playing and parents working. Grandpas being the boss as he is yelling at everyone and still loving everyone at the same time. That three day I have to spend with my whole family a year, I always look forward to. Being that girl raised by boys and being a cowgirl was hard but yet i wouldn't change it for the world. It taught me that all men and women can do the same job, Also to be tough and never give up. You get hurt, you get back up and do it again because you can get it right, it just takes time practice and dedication.…show more content…
My great grandpa and my grandpa and my father and then my mom and her siblings all rodeo as well. Rodeo was passed down thru my blood I would say. All around cowgirl is what I became threw out eighteen years of my life. Team roping, breakaway, undecorating, barrels, goat tying, poles, cow horse, reining and cutting, and Hawaii own event mugging and powai u. Rodeo has taken me to every part of the world, All Hawaii islands, national finals rodeo las Vegas, Nevada, and much more. Hawaii high school rodeo is an association that you are judged on your points of rodeo and your grades in school. You need a 2.0 or better to rodeo and must I say it made me want to have good grades to do something I love. Rodeo makes you learn teamwork, different cultures of others and got me out in this world to learn and accept differences. Rodeo is now giving me a chance to college rodeo and become a part of a new team. I am beyond ready for this new experience in life, and to spread my
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