Essay About Cultural Diversity

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In this age where technology is at its highest point in human history, the world has never been so connected yet separated before. As the result of the segregation of cultures and people, the world as of now stands divided. Countless wars have been waged over the clash of ideas and methodologies, and all of this stems from the inability of humanity to accept that we are all, simply put, just humans in flesh and blood. The effects of cultural diversity have long been observed and recorded, given that they are very beneficial. Firstly and most importantly, diversity enriches a nation with a melting pot of multiple cultures, which give the country its own identity. A diversified country promotes tourism, which boosts the economic growth of the nation and creates more jobs for the population. Secondly, cultural diversity in a nation helps increase the adaptability of its…show more content…
In Malaysia, communication barriers are easily overcome as a majority of the nation is capable of speaking Malay and/or English, and cultural differences are integrated into each culture, producing a uniquely Malaysian experience. “The Malaysian way” is to celebrate all festive celebrations, each tradition, and use slangs from the other races together, thus breaking down the cultural barrier. It is hard to find a country as culturally diverse as Malaysia around the globe. Us Malaysians are very lucky to be born in such a great country, where we are able to have Nasi Lemak for breakfast, Biryani for lunch and Char Koay Teow for dinner. Despite having cultural differences, we are able to coexist peacefully, with only a petty conflict here and there which can normally be resolved over a cup of iced Milo. For all the bad this country might have, you cannot deny the fact that the cultural diversity in Malaysia is unmatched by any
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