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It is true, if Indonesia is known as one of the countries that has many natural resources that won 't even run out. But in addition to the rich natural resources, Indonesia is also known as one of the country with many cultures where every city has the characteristic of each to become a symbol of their city.
A simple example can you see such ethnic Betawi. Ethnic Betawi which is part of the capital city of Indonesia has a culture very good variety of food, historic buildings, traditional clothes

Ethnic Betawi has an assortment of Arts, one of which, namely the art of theater. Traditional Betawi theater is more based on the life of taeter agrarian and magical-religious in nature. An interesting element in the Betawi theater is the ethnic diversity of the population. IndigenousBetawi is certainly there, but the arrival of the new settlements of the various tribes and Nations make the Betawi ethnic assimilation and cultural places. The Betawi culture is the greatest influence from Sunda, because this region is part of the Sundanese culture before is now a metropolitan city. But there is also a Chinese cultural influences, Bali, Java, Portuguese, Malay, and the Netherlands resulting in a type of performances there will be a mixture of influences it. Like Sundanese dance of garak, clothing from Bali, Chinese and Javanese, Sundanese musical accompaniment, the Netherlands, and China, while his story
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The theater without Theater types i.e. said played without talking, so only as demonstrated through gestures with the accompaniment of music and song. In the Betawi theater without saidthere were two, namely Ondel-Ondel and gemblokkan. Ondel-ondel, a container to be the personification of the ancestors of the ancestors. Can thus be regarded as the bearer of a play or story, though onlyas props do not talk or

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