Teen Curfew Research Paper

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Manufacturing Teen Curfews

Mandatory curfews have been instituted throughout the country as a means to help teenagers. Too many teenagers get themselves involved in criminal or deadly behavior. Curfews have been proven to help those young people with decreasing their fun time and increasing their work times. There are those, teenagers in particular, who believe that curfews violate their rights to freedom. Some people also say that curfews don't help at all.

Curfews abide for a reason. Curfews exist to keep residents safe from possible adolescent aggression (ward). Curfews are in place to help aide in the prevention of teen violence. Facts have proven, that curfews have been used all throughout time; in the 1990's fewer urban areas had
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Research has proven that curfews do effect crime rates, they lead to less people affected by criminal activity; when an environment helps each other by working together it can help with the production of enforcing curfews (Ward). Curfews exist to help lower crime rates, by having a part of the population inside at a particular time that reduces the people out at night. "Curfew laws and ordinances have been sustained as necessary to control the presence of juveniles in public places at nighttime" ("Curfew"). Charlottesville is a city that has seen a huge drop in the number of teenagers roaming around the area throughout the evening into earliest hours of next day, since the enforcement of curfews (Ward). Cities have seen firsthand that curfews can have a positive effect on a…show more content…
Curfews exist in variations meaning that there are lots of different types of curfews; differences can be quite extensive (Brass 325). There are different styles/types of the enforcement of curfews. In order for the curfews to work people in the surrounding environment needs to help enforce the guidelines of the curfew (Ward). In order for curfews to work they need to be properly applied to a community and have the support of all they surrounding environments. Caretakers have been happy with the effects of curfews on their teens and their neighborhoods because less problems occur with the curfew in effect
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