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Dayak Festival Dayak Festival as known as Gawai Dayak. This is one of the major festivals celebrated in Sarawak. The ways that Bidayuh and Iban celebrate almost are the same because of they live in a long house together in the early time. The day that Bidayuh celebrate this festival is 1st June or 2nd June, so that day is a public holiday. But the unofficially celebration will start on the final week of May until the middle of June. Dayak ethnic such as Iban, Bidayuh, Kangar, Kenya, Kelabit tribes and Ulu will celebrate this festival. Dayak Festival already celebrate long time ago until 1965 the government officially list this celebration as an official celebration. Opening Ceremony commonly will hold in 31st May, people will wear their traditional clothes carry on the traditional ceremony play music and dance, game, parades and open house. That day, they will also play some traditional instruments and a ceremony called Muai Antu Rua that can expel the demons of greed to avoid the greed not to damage the celebration. Muai Antu…show more content…
These particular belief purposely to prevent any calamity that is possible to happen and also for good keeping in both mother and baby fitness. Once the female in Bidayuh get pregnant, a ceremony “birayang ite” will be done. “Birayang ite” is a ceremony that treating the stomach to encourage the baby to grow well. Only the experienced midwife is invited to perform the “birayang ite”. Against the clock the spell reading, the body of the pregnant woman will be covered with a cloth to break away from any bad things or dirt. After that, she will let the body to lay down with the face looking at the overhead with the new and neat clothes. After that, the midwife will do some treatments on the mother’s stomach. The midwife will pollute the mother’ stomach with coconut oil, turmeric, and spatter the ounce turmeric rice while shaking the wand over the stomach in the being of curse

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