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16 Cebu Delicacies You Shouldn 't Miss
Mae Ann S. Cimafranca

The Queen City of the South does not only houses pristine beaches, five-star hotels, resorts and historic places but it is also a home of original Filipino delicacies.
Most of the delicious and nutritious foods you can find anywhere in the Philippines originated in Cebu; and what’s best to do when you’re already in the place that started your favorite treat and complete your escapade? Grab a bite and take some home!
Here is a list of Cebu delicacies you should not miss to taste or bring to your loved ones for pasalubong:

1. Lechon
Fiestas, holidays or any kind of parties in the Philippines would not be complete without the lechon or roasted pig, and the best ones are found in Cebu. Locals and foreign tourists line up to the bountiful stores and diners
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15. Budbud Kabog
Discovered in the mountains of Catmon in Cebu, Budbud Kabog is a native rice cake with distinct texture and flavor wrapped with banana leaves. It is made from pounded kabog, the only millet variety in the Philippines that grows in abundance in Brgy. Agsuwao of Catmon, added with sugar and coconut milk.
Residents of Catmon said that it was first sold in a toll booth in Naghalian Bridge to cockfight aficionados. The delicacy then gained recognition and every year, a festival especially dedicated to Budbud Kabog is celebrated every 10th of February during the town fiesta.
Since Budbud Kabog is made from a distinct millet variety, the availability of the ingredient affects the production of the delicacy. Today, budbud kabog can only be found for sale on certain days of the year despite its high demand from tourists and locals.

16. Pintos (from Bogo)
Pintos is a delicacy that originated in Bogo, a major town center and trading area at the northern end of Cebu. It’s like a rice cake made from ground corn with milk and margarine or butter, and wrapped with corn husk then steamed. Some special pintos are added with cheese or strips

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