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Difficult people are always satisfying themselves by pushing other people and forcing them into insanity. Whether they know about their negativity or not, they are capable of creating stress and turning each environment into one, which is full of complexity. Science has shown that stress negatively impacts your mind. In fact, facing stress even for a few days, can affect the activity of the neurons, present in your hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for the memory and the ability to reason. Continued stress causes damage to the dendrites, which connect brain cells together. If the stress does not go away and persists for a few months, it can cause permanent brain damage. This means that the stress is a strong element that…show more content…
You should always put yourself above them, which will allow you to remain distant from their trap. You should never react on their emotional stories, and only give advice based on the actual facts. 3. Never Forget Difficult people keep coming to you with the same problems, and make it difficult for you to function around them. You need to learn to forgive them for their mistakes, but always remember the issue. Smart people never forget and are quick to point out recurring issues to difficult people. This ensures that they are not able to spread stress every few days. 4. Kill Negativity We are quick to absorb the negativity around us. Smart individuals understand this and kill their personal negativity in the bud. This ensures that they are not able to confuse their thinking with negative thoughts, and are always looking to look into positive concepts. 5. Understand Your Emotions You should always understand your own set of emotions. This will allow you to dissociate the point of view of difficult people, in order to ensure that your own emotions remain intact. You can do this by finding more individual time, and simply not when listening to difficult to handle people. 6. Establish Strict

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