Spirit Airlines Descriptive Essay

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The “Big Seat” of Spirit Airlines is what I am residing in whilst covered in a fluffy blanket to avoid the cold air. The descension into Florida is painstakingly long because my family and I are so anxious to be in the warmth again. Today is November 28th, 2016; our second voyage to Disney World. We have landed. The door of the plane opens and a burst of heat comes rushing in, greeting me with a pleasant “welcome back”. Although the heat was nice, I had already started to feel my hair frizz and my skin begin to burn. Walking off of the aircraft was like walking into a sauna; it is the best sensation there is.
We landed at the Orlando airport at around 3:00 p.m., which would give us the rest of day to drive to our rented house and relax by
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We pulled out of the neighborhood and into the streets of Orlando, my mom leading the way. Our house is only 15 minutes away from the park; that made this more exciting because we did not have to wait too much longer. We drove the seemingly prolonged journey for approximately 10 minutes when my mom screams out, “S**t! I forgot the tickets!” Those of us in the car with her were startled at her sudden outburst and once we realized what she was yelling about, we all moaned and groaned in disbelief and sorrow for the loss of time this just caused us. She called the people in the other cars, told them the news, and we all turned around to head back to our residence.
Arrival back to the house was excruciating, due to the fact that we were all so hyped up to enter our favorite place. My mom, uncles, and aunt ran inside to frantically search for the $100 tickets. One of my uncles was the one who finally found them and we heard him yell from in the cars outside. We all ran in the house, teasing each other and my mom for forgetting them in the first place. After we double and triple checked the entire house for everything that we needed, we were ready to skedaddle
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