Essay About Divine Love

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In this life we are living, we are ought to encounter different types of things and experiences. But above this all, we are to encounter human love and divine love. Love is a journey in which a person seeks someone to fulfill his needs. I am going to start my exposition with divine love. Divine love is somewhat related to God’s way which makes us realize His will in often mysterious and sometimes painful ways. Love is divine in a way that something bad happens, we get sad, and then we realize that God has bigger and deeper plans for all of us. But most of all, divine love is the type of love that we humans, experience with God. As I have read God’s Will written by Hliario V. Sicat Jr. OP, I have learned that divine love is about thinking and…show more content…
This is the type of love that we experience with other people. It may be our parents, our siblings, and other loved ones. Human love is also a journey and it starts with falling in love. People fall in love when they are attracted to a person’s physical characteristics, when a girl thinks the guy has cute eyes; or maybe to a person’s actions, when a guy thinks the girl moves very feminine; or maybe to his or her ideals on who matches our notions of what true love is or on what comprises a perfect relationship; or maybe to the compatibility with each other which is about seeking someone who shares similar values and interests in life; or to the scripts that we need to play out. But when time comes when we are already wide awake, we realize that human love does not depend on attractions alone we have to look deeper into the person, if the person is the one that can accompany you to the journey of life through its ups and downs. Human love refers to the feelings that a person gets when he/she starts to develop care towards other people. It is the feeling that a person develops when attractions are met. Unlike divine love in which it is experienced by man and given by God, human love is experienced by human given by another human. Human love is what our mothers feel towards us starting the day that we developed in their wombs. They took care of us, nourished us and protected us. Human love is witnessed during the tying of
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