Why Do Pet Dogs Use Body Language

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The Basics of Dog Talk - What Our Pet Dogs Are Saying Through Their Head Movements

Know What Your Pet Dog Is Saying Through Body Languages
For pet owners, especially for dog lovers, the most basic and very important pet advisor tip to know is learning how to communicate with our canine buddies. Body language is a dog’s primary way to talk to their human companions and mastering all-body communication is a must to establish a good and sound relationship between you and your precious pooch.
Being able to correctly interpret your pet dogs' body language is the first step to establish good communications and stress-free relationships with them. Unfortunately, most of us interpret what our pet pooches are saying as postures of confidence, fear, and aggressiveness are somewhat similar to the untrained human eye. The key to correctly "talk with your pet dog" is know the difference.
To help new dog-owners to
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In most cases, dogs who displays this body posture are just showing reaction to a sound that has attracted their attention. These sounds may vary from car keys jingling or even a word that is new to their canine ears. It can also display ear problems if often done. Dogs who usually tilt their heads while you talk to them may suffer some type of inner ear problem which results to poor balance. In this case, tilting of the head compensates for having an impaired ability to gauge our pet dog's posture. If left unchecked, this may result to vestibular disease. The cause of this may vary from nutritional deficiency, injuries, parasites and other medical problems that affects our pet dog's vestibular system. Dog Talk At A Glance - It is cute to see a dog with his head up high and tilted on the head. Visually, this posture is just cute to see on our pet dogs. But if it is seen regularly, it might just be a developing health problem that needs to be
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