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Don’t you think Japanese high school and American high school have a lot of differents? The reason why I choose this topic is I am interested in world cultures and education. I thought education is related in each countries cultures. I want to know more about education. From my experiences, there are lot of differences between Japanese high school and American high school. First of all, everyone is wear same uniform in Japan. In the Meiji era, it was said that a high school at that time was first made uniforms and spread from there. Wearing uniforms at that time is to plant elite seems that it spread all over the country, students wear uniforms on a daily basis. However, most of American high school students are wear their own clothes. Actually, I had to wear uniform when I was high school student. At that time, I had a morning assembly of uniform once a month. In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages to wear…show more content…
The cleaning duty is divided into groups of about 5 to 7 people and it is usual for the students to clean every day. While going to primary school, junior high school and high school, it is basic manners in Japanese schools that students clean their classrooms. In Japan, perhaps due to parents’ discipline and school habits, it may be that they are trained to clean their own rooms. We are cleaning the classroom like an ordinary. However, in America there are cleaners and they do the cleaning. Many people think that are jealous, but I think that this is where Japan is proud of. However, overseas it seems to be divided by affirmative and negative. There seems to be someone who thinks that making a children clean is labor. Also, a lot of school cleaning staff will lose employment opportunities when doing this in America. In my opinion, it is a cultural difference of cleaning of each country, and that children doing cleaning is not a bad

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