Essay About Elvis Presley's Death

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“I may not look good tonight, but I’ll look good in my coffin,” Elvis Presley states on the night of his last concert. For many years, people have debated about whether Elvis is still living or not. This theory cannot explain to people if he still is living or not. Unless people change their belief on this, they will continue to have the trouble accepting whether Elvis is still alive or dead. Many people feel that Elvis faked his death because people found many things that were suspicious with the cover up, Elvis had lots of look-alikes to cover him up, and Elvis had many reasons to want a different life.

Although Elvis supposedly died on August 16, 1977, many things were suspicious about his death. According to, Elvis Presley’s funeral was held two
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Many things went wrong with Elvis’ cover up of his death and funeral; for example, his funeral was two days after his death, he had a 900 pound casket already made, his weight was wrong on his death certificate, his death certificate was dated two months after his real death, and his headstone was spelled wrong. Elvis always had people or things to cover him, like at his funeral, his hands were smooth, his eyebrows were arched, he had a pug shaped nose, his sideburns were falling off, no cameras were allowed at his funeral, and someone that looked exactly like him, named John Burrows, bought plane tickets to Buenos Aires with cash. Lastly, Elvis had many reasons to want a change, or a different life because he never received great medical attention since his fans always wanted to check up on him, he never got lots of rest due to his fans, and on behalf of his fans, he felt his wife and daughter were always in great danger. Elvis Presley may not have only faked his death just once, but
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