Essay About English As A Foreign Language

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English continues to be widely recognized as the language of business throughout the world and it will maintain and grow even more dominant. In the past speaking English as a second language was a marker of the ‘elite’ but nowadays is a basic skill that people should have (Dorie, C. 2012). It is often perceived by the younger population that does not have English as their first language (L1), that speaking English will lead to a prosperous career later in life. This paper looks into why Thailand has and is experiencing so many problems with its citizens learning or acquiring English as a foreign language. Furthermore, the research examined in this paper identifies common mispronunciation of English words by Thai learners especially mispronunciation of English consonant clusters and predominately final consonant sounds. Thai Students’ Difficulties with Pronouncing Consonant Sounds English, as the language of international business continues to grow and expand across the world. English thrives to be a lingua franca in various disciplines as well as business, likewise science, diplomacy, technology and academic conferences. Henceforth English skills consisting of a variety of aspects are of the upmost importance due to the overwhelming effect of globalization. Despite prolonged…show more content…
That being said, it is not only Thai learners who experience such problems, language learners from all over the world have difficulties to acquire English pronunciation to a level of ‘comfortable intelligibility’. Mispronunciation is especially prevalent is aspects of syllable structure and stress and it is this mispronunciation which will determine if the leaner can reach a level of comfortable intelligibility (Sumdangdej, S
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