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Everyday Life This paper is going to be about my current everyday life and how I go about my days doing whatever may seem necessary to myself a this current moment in time. Although I have a fairly ordinary life compared to most, nevertheless I suppose my lifestyle seems very boring and quite bland. “Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the loneliest.” - Anonymous. Furthermore, it means that I usually try to act very happy for other people although on the inside I am filled with conflict and raw emotion. My typical day at school, conflicts, and what I do outside of school are going to be explained in this essay, because this is how I can truly vent my feelings. Here I am going to go through a typical day at school and what I usually do and or potentially think throughout the entirety of the day. I usually am a typical student, I go to my classes without complaining to anybody about it, maybe talk to the few people that I know well compared to others. Quite usually I feel like there is an onslaught of work burdened onto me, although though all the work is imperative to me, nevertheless I don’t have the motivation to usually do any of it. Surpassing the fact that I usually don’t even know how to do half of the work that is…show more content…
Maybe I do not have the ability to be as mystical as I would enjoy to be, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to learn what I want to do later in life. All the typical days at school, conflicts, and what I do outside of school do not have the ability to stun me and render me useless to myself. Life has so many different endings that it is practically infinite, while many search for the end, some still look for a greater meaning than what we know as common sense. Even if you were to fail, you will have to learn from the mistake and improve so you can prevent
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