Reflection On Arnis

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When I was first looking for an exit project, I wanted to do something that related to my Filipino culture. I wanted to try something I have never experienced, so I chose Arnis. I chose Arnis because it teaches me the act of self-defense. I figured it would prepare me for life situations. During my exit project, I had mixed feelings about it. At first, I was apprehensive that I would mess up. I was worried that I would not perform well and get a bad grade on my project. However, I was very eager and excited to take on something new, and to have the chance to learn Arnis. In the beginning, I was very hesitant in choosing Arnis. I tried various activities over the summer to see which one I would like as my exit project. I also knew that once I chose my topic, I could not change it. I knew Arnis was the right project to take on because my uncle had an adequate amount of knowledge and training in Arnis. Also, after researching this martial art and watching videos, I was certain that I was fit for Arnis. I had my first lesson on November 4, 2015. During this time, I found it very challenging to do both Arnis and my homework. After school I would do my homework and shortly after finishing I…show more content…
Catherine’s. One way it relates to my career at St. Catherine’s is that it allows me to experience new things. This project relates to my career at St. Catherine’s because I learn something new everyday as I do in subjects at school. I can compare the exit project as a bridge to my new life as a high school student because going from middle school to high school is about having new experiences. The exit project gets us ready for high school because it teaches us not to be afraid of new experiences, to communicate with others, and it prepares us for the rigorous amount of work, high school throws at us. The exit project has taught me to overcome adversity and to always be open-minded about new
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