Essay About Faith In Night

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There are many stories from of the Holocaust throughout history, and the world. Every story is unique to the Jew’s situation. Most stories end in them escaping and being able to live, right? Well that might be true, but there are stories of friends, family members, and seeing other innocent people die. Two examples of stories told about the Holocaust would be, Night by Elie Wiesel, and Life is Beautiful directed by Roberto Benigni. Within Night, Elie’s family was taken by the Nazis, separated from each other, and most of them died during the duration of the Holocaust. Elie and his father had to stick together in order to survive. They had to have faith everything would be okay. In Life is Beautiful Guido, his son Joshua, and his wife were sent…show more content…
Not just faith in themselves, but in God. In Night, the main character Ellie stopped having faith in God, and that took a huge toll on his survival. He thought there was no reason to believe, “Why should I sanctify His name? The almighty, the eternal and terrible Master of the universe, chose to be silent. What was there to thank Him for?”(Wiesel 33). Unlike that, in Life is Beautiful, Guido had more faith than ever in God and himself. Guido took so many risks to ensure both his wife and son survived. For instance, when Guido saw the speaker with no one around he took that chance to talk outloud for everyone to hear him. His goal was that his wife would hear him and have faith in him, herself, and God to survive. To take this risk, Guido had to have faith in God that he would not get in trouble, and that everything would work out, and it did. Both his wife and his son would survive. Different from that, since Elie lost faith, he began to see no reason to keep going, he had no life inside of him, and that will affect the rest of this life. Yet Guido, Guido’s wife, and son had faith and was able to keep surviving. That is way faith plays a key role in the Jew’s survival during the
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