Essay About Family Violence

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Family violence

Family violence is an abusive action used by a person so that he/she can control or even hurt a member of their family. This type of violence can be seen in different forms. Physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglecting are the some of the main forms of family violence and all of these forms have negative effects on the family members especially on children. The physical abuse can be seen in different ways such as slapping, pushing, shooting and kicking too. On the other hand, emotional abuse can be formed by using a word which might seem silly for some but actually, by using a bad word, yelling and also insulting can effect anyone to quickly. The last type is neglecting which occurs someone who should be responsible for offering the basic needs fails to do what they are responsible to. Family violence is one of the most important issues that needs to be solved. But before finding solutions to
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First, we need to raise awareness among parents about the importance of family stability. Second, we will have to increase the importance of commitment to the Islamic teachings and why do we need to apply it in the family life. We also have to think about the children and protect them from any harm. The parents need to stay away from the causes that lead to violence and they need to learn different ways to deal with them. Parents need to avoid hitting their kids. They also need to deal with them politely and talk to them in a good way even when they do something wrong. Similarly, parents need to listen to them and work on increasing their self-confidence. Therefore, there are several methods to reduce family violence. Some of these ways are that increase awareness among families about its stabilities, following the Islamic teachings, learn new ways to communicate with the children’s, and not using bad word and hitting them when they do something
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