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It was Saturday morning, a great day at Televisa I had been ecstatic knowing I was going to interview a famous individual. I had no clue of who I would be interviewing today all I knew was that person was famous. Previously I had interviewed many Mexican famous people and I was always fond of doing so. I came upon many great people with great heartfelt stories; it was like vividly picturing their life as my own. In that person’s life story I felt the painful, fun and happy moments they lived. I came across my boss and finally revealed who I would be interviewing, it was Mario Moreno Reyes better known as Cantinflas. He was my favorite Spanish Mexican comedian I loved his work he was a very talented person. It was time to finally meet the one and only Cantinflas, he was sitting right there and I had this smile on my face knowing I would get to know more in depth about someone who made me laugh out loud often.
I proceeded to asking him questions: Q:1 What is your full name and when were you born? Hello, my name is Mario Moreno Reyes better known as Cantinflas. I was born in Santa Maria La Ribera, Mexico City, Mexico on August, 12th 1911 at 12:30 am. I was the sixth child of seven children; in total we were a family of nine including my mother and father. I married a Russian woman named Valentina Ivanova
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I became an advocate through my comedy and educating young children. Like I mentioned my cultural influences weren’t many instead I became a great role model to Mexico. Many love my character Cantinflas by talking gibberish and having stage fright I came to create a great persona. I was popular enough to be elected as president for making such a great impact on the Mexican culture. Unfortunately I wasn’t because I did not want to be president I wanted to follow my dream as an
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