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It is completely understandable for people to love fast foods since it is basically accessible anywhere all over the world, it can be eaten on the go especially if you are running late but you need food. Unfortunately, they have the unhealthiest food choices, some of them are not even made from real food. However, believe it or not, there are actually foods there that are healthy for you. Maybe not as healthy as a homemade salad but it is as healthy as it could get. You can research about their certain foods with their nutritional facts so that you yourself can compute how many calories a certain item has. So if you're watching your weight but is craving for fast food goodies, here are some you could totally try.

• McDonald’s Premium Grilled Chicken Classic

When you look at a food, don't just count the calories, but instead, check how balance it is when it comes to fat, carbs, protein, sodium and sugar. If you get the
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If you eat it without the crackers or cheese, it is only 310 calories which is not that much since it is protein and it will make you feel full right away. It has about 10 grams of fiber on it and it can even be paired with some Diet Coke. You can totally eat almost anything on the fast food menu, but just make sure it is in moderation of course.

• Baja Fresh’s Grilled Wahoo Fish Taco

But if you prefer to have something that has less than 300 calorie on it, try the Grilled Wahoo Fish Taco from Baja Fresh. It comes with a spicy Salsa Baja but don't get the tortilla chips, instead add a couple of spoonfuls of salsa onto the fish taco since it only has 20 calories and if you add it all up, you will only consume about 250 calories. So whoever said you can't eat anything healthy at any fast food joints, obviously doesn't know how to customize their

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