Essay About Fate And Decisions In Macbeth

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In Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, many of the main characters already know their fate and know what the future will hold for them. Since they know their fate many actions happen purely on decision or fate and many are decisions that are based on the characters knowing their fate in advance. In life if we know our fate we will make decisions knowing that it will get us closer to what we desire and our fate. Macbeth made decisions to kill people because of he knew his fate and wanted to reach his fate as quickly as possible. Macbeth life was dictated by the fate that he would become king, but have no child on the throne, and be killed by someone who is not born by woman. He wanted to change these fates by controlling his own actions and killing those who could impact his future…show more content…
Some events in life are purely dictated by fate, we have no knowledge to guide our decisions. These events only fate. Macbeth being killed by Macduff is only fate, there were no knowledgeable decisions that guided Macduff’s actions. There was a full army that was attacking Macbeth’s stronghold. It is just fate that Macduff a man born by c-section would be the one who meets Macbeth. Macduff did not chose to be the one who met Macbeth alone. Macbeth and Banquo meeting the witches is purely fate on the part of the two men. Macbeth and Banquo did not know nor chose to meet the witches. The pair knowing their fates is purely fate. No one choses to meet someone alone when there is a whole army surrounding them nor do people chose to know their fate. Macbeth’s wife dying is only fate, she went crazy because of her previous decisions but no one person chose to kill her. Her fate was sealed by her actions but she did not know her fate so her actions were not consciously made to advance her fate. While decisions play a role in our life many things that happen are not because of our actions or our decisions they are only guided by our
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