Essay About Feeding Birds

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Have you noticed on Saturdays in the park a lot of people are feeding birds? Birds can be so graceful and charming part of nature. Many people believed that they are helping the birds when they feed the birds. To feed the birds you have to do it year round. The birds also need a nest or ether a shelter to stay in. Even though all of these things are good the bad things about feeding birds are more plentiful than the good things about feeding the birds. The bird community may never be the same. Birds have to migrate every year. The bad thing when you feed them is when they migrate they will have forgotten how to find food for themselves. That is because they have depended on the human to feed them for so long. That means that if…show more content…
The people are taking the natural part of the birds out of the birds and completely changing their personality. The birds are losing the wild side of them and they are getting too close to humans. The birds are also becoming aggressive to be able to get the food. Before long all of the birds will not know how to do anything on their own and they will depend on the humans for everything such as shelter and food. In the passage, it states, "Wild birds can become dependent on the hideouts." Also, it states, "When this happens, their behaviors change." This means that the birds are mainly having the wild part of them taken out to where they are just as human-friendly as they can be. The birds are gong from natural free and in the wild birds to pets that can hardly do anything for themselves. Another thing is there are natural feeding sites all over the world for the birds, but that causes the wild ones that can fend for themselves to go to them and then the next thing you know there is not enough room for the birds that cant fend for themselves. The people are getting to where instead of seeing the birds in their natural habitat where nothing is harmed to where they want to have artificial one put up. The artificial bird sites are not only good for the people but they are also hurting the birds in many ways. In the passage, it states, "They can still visit sites where these birds nest
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