Essay About Filipino Family

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The family is the most important unit in our society. It is where people first learned how to communicate, interact and be a contributor to the society they are living in (Wilson, 2013). Filipinos are traditionally close to their families and children who are reared and brought up in a traditional Filipino family will most likely get the values and traditions that his or her family inculcated to him or her. A typical Filipino family is also traditional and follows cultural norms which influences the values they uphold within the family (Dy, 1994). In the family, children learn and build values and attitudes that they will bring with them throughout their lives. The values that they get inside the family will be the basis for their actions in the future. Communication on sensitive topics such as sex in the family can have a favorable influence in influencing behavior of children. Studies reviewed by the researcher showed that even in different parts of the world, communication of sex between parent and child is…show more content…
In an article by the Child Trends Data Bank, they discussed that “parents that are educated tend to be associated with positive outcomes for children in many areas, including school readiness, educational achievement, incidence of low birthweight, health-related behaviors including smoking and binge drinking, and pro-social activities such as volunteering and the like. On the other hand, parents that have not pursued education tend to have children who will follow them and drop out of high school or college as well. Also, parental educational attainment can further affect his or her child’s behaviors (Day & Curry 1998). Ultimately, a parent’s knowledge on topics such as sex shall have an effect on his or her child and this shall be one of the variables that the researcher shall test if this affects their discourses on sex with their teenaged
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