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HISTORYA: THE STORY OF OUR HISTORY Watching the theatrical play reminded me of the importance of the past to the present- in order to further understand the present, one must first look back at the past, considering that the past is said to define the future. The development of our culture this very day rooted from the customs and beliefs in the earliest centuries of our country. In Luzon, for example, the practice of courtship(harana), and the dance wherein the partners complement one other instead of competing with each other(sayaw sa bangko), signifies the importance of the relationship of a couple. It depicts the value that the early Filipinos give with regards to choosing their future partner, even until they are already considered as couples. Another is the social gathering after every bountiful harvest(pista sa nayon), which represents the people’s quality of being community-oriented. Filipinos highly appraise every success that resulted from the hard-work of their united group.…show more content…
The festive celebrations, however, are what they are very much known for. Among the widely known are the Pintados, the Masskara Festival, and the Ati-atihan Festival, which describe the Visayan settlers; Pintados – indigenous people residing in the islands of Cebu, Bohol, and Leyte with colored bodies, the Masskara Festival- symbolizes what the people residing in the “City of Smiles” do best, which is to put their happy face whenever they are confronted by their colleagues, and the Ati-atihan Festival- means to be like Aetas, who were the primary settlers in Aklan. This island also gave focus on the country’s religious aspect. The Sinulog Festival, for example, commemorates the Filipino’s pagan origin and their acceptance of Roman

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