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What Does Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) Really Mean

While there are hundreds if not thousands of festivals celebrated in the Philippines, one is above them all – Flores de Mayo. It is perhaps the most colorful (what with all those flowers), the most widely celebrated (simultaneously across the archipelago), and the most anticipated of all festivals (why, isn’t it every Filipina girl’s dream to be Reina Elena?).

It is an event that we Filipinos are very familiar with, notwithstanding religious affinity. But how much do we know about Flores de Mayo? As a non-Catholic, do we perceive the celebration to be just another one of those colorful fiestas? As a Catholic, do we realize the spiritual value of celebrating Flores de Mayo, or is it just a chance for us to join the glitz and glam of the Santacruzan pageantry?

Is it a Month-Long Celebration?


As the name suggests, Flores de Mayo is celebrated throughout the month of May. It is among the countless Marian special events, a series of devotional acts and sacrifices offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Flores de Mayo is a Roman Catholic religious tradition, a month-long holy rite, celebrated from the first of May until the thirty-first of May.

A Festival of Flowers

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To them, the festival is only about the processional pageantry, the display of beautiful maidens alongside dashing young male escorts in their most elaborate and eloquent wardrobe. Sometimes, socialites and celebrities are paired with the most eligible bachelors to represent the different queens and escorts in the procession. Thus, if one couldn’t be part of the parade, at least they can witness it if only to briefly experience affluence. Flores de Mayo is sometimes called Santacruzan, although the latter pertains to the culminating parade or the grand finale of the month-long festivities of Flores de

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