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Chapter 1.0
1.1 Overview of foreign worker in Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the countries that have multi-ethnic society which is such as Malay, India, Chinese, and other races. The early of migration of labor from Indonesian archipelago has been started when there are the interaction and exchange with Malay Peninsula and during that period, it has been called as Indo-Malay World. British and Malay authorities welcomed the migrant of Indonesian labor to Malay Peninsula during the most recent colonial past. The reason British and Malay authorities want the Indonesian migrant to Malay Peninsula is because want to meet the manpower to fulfill the requirements of colonial enterprise. There are another reason that Malay Peninsula welcomes the Indonesian migrant to here which is because Indonesian shared the racial and some of the cultural trait with Malay Peninsula. In addition, during the British colonial period, “cheap” labor from China and India has been imported by British. (Pilai, 1997) The reason British choose China and Indian to work on the tine mines and rubber plantations is because previously there are many merchants from China and India come to Malaysia for trade. So, it will be easy for British if
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Foreign employee means that it is an employee who is not a citizen. Most of the foreign worker who comes to Malaysia is from Indonesia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and others. According to Labor Force Survey Report year 2013 which prepared by Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia, Department of Statistics, these report shows that there are 1,803,400 foreign workers workforce in Malaysia. These 1,803,400 of foreign workers is only the amount of legal workers. There are still have large amount of foreign worker come to Malaysia with illegal. Therefore, it can be said that Malaysia is one of the country that recruit a lot of foreign worker to work in

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