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Francophone games The Francophone Games are a multisport and cultural competitions in individual or team events organized by the International Committee of the Games of La Francophonie and the National Committee of the Games of La Francophonie under the auspices of the International Organization of la Francophonie. Organized every four years, in a French-speaking country, in the post-Olympic year. The Francophone Games invite the youth of the Francophone space to meet through sports competitions and cultural competitions under the banner of friendship. The constitutive act of the Francophone Games defines its objectives as to contribute to the promotion of peace and development through meetings and exchanges between young Francophones. To enable the rapprochement of the countries of the Francophonie and constitute a factor for the dynamism of its youth, by contributing to international solidarity while respecting gender equality. To make known the originality of Francophone cultures in all their diversity and to…show more content…
The mission of setting up these Games was entrusted to the Conference of Ministers of Youth and Sports of the French speaking countries (CONFEJES). The first edition took place in 1989 in two Moroccan cities: Casablanca and Rabat where 900 athletes and 600 artists from 39 delegations participated. Fifty-five countries participate in the Francophone Games. Members include the obvious, such as France and Canada, but other countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa send athletes and artists to participate. From countries were French is spoken by only sections of the population, such as Canada and Belgium, participation is restricted to athletes from the French speaking sections alone. Participation varies between about 1,500 and 3,000 athletes annually, with the 2009 Beirut games welcoming over 3,000
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