Essay About Freedom In The Philippines

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Freedom in the Philippines

Philippines has a republic government demonstrated with the freedom gained from determination and bravery. The history of the country told its dark past from the hands of conquerors which help shape the culture, tradition and even politics of the country. As a result, Philippines became diverse in many ways. One of the most interesting topic about the country is its government or the nature of power in politics and governance.
Philippines has a presidential type of government since it watches the standard of division of forces. Under the presidential framework, any legislative demonstration disregarding the said teaching is invalid and void. The legislature has three branches and each is constrained to the power
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This implies that it has great room for growth through better governance.
One of the biggest problem in Philippine government is the widespread condition of corruption at all its levels. Filipinos are responsible in choosing the right leaders who are willing to combat all sorts of political incompetencies and improve governance. Broad examination and discourse have been composed about corruption issue in the country. Whenever tax obligations and charges are not legitimately gathered, it could result to lost of country's revenues. The expenditures for the public sector will endure much and the outcomes incorporate overpricing, unemployment, poor public infrastructures and other economic issues. Various recommendations were offered but it seemed that political will to control and diminish corruption has been absent all along. The current president whose term will be ending soon had high trust rating before he was elected. President Benigno S. Aquino III includes anti-corruption theme on his governance which made him captured the interest of many Filipinos. Although, he also faced some issues such as about the Yolanda typhoon aftermath and the SAF encounter in Mamasapano, Aquino still has many Filipino people behind his back. He has shown significant effort in fighting against corruption and other illegal activities in the
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