Essay About Friday The 13th

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Friday the 13th This day is known for its bad luck according to superstitions since the middle ages till today. Friday the 13th is said to be an evil day but it can be a good day, all depending on what you're able to survive and how you decide to spend the day. I don't have a problem with the day and date, so I am not scared when people talk about . The fear of the number 13 dates back to 16000, the myth played an important role in making the number 13 a bad number since the 1600's. It was believed that who ever was the 13th person to come to a gathering he/she would be dead in a years time. The myth talks about gods and goddess in a 12 people gathering and only to be destroyed by the 13th uninvited god called Loki; the god of evil a turmoil .The question which should come to place is this if Friday is named after a god of beauty and a wife of Odin why is it a bad day. In the beginning Friday was the bad luck day this day was the only bad luck day until the 19th century when people associated Friday the 13th as a bad day . There was an only horror of the number 13 and with a"bad luck day" Friday the two were an evil day. I am not sure about the superstition which started in the middle ages when people did not know what to believe in. Most superstitions were Christian based .The dislike of the number 13 is from the 13…show more content…
Some studies actually show that Friday the 13th is a good, safe day in which people drive attentively due to the superstition associated with this day making them more careful. Most people don't go to work resulting in less cars on the road which also helps lessen the number of accidents. When something happens to you on that day you will most likely associate it with Friday the 13th and never forget what happened to
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