Personal Essay: What Makes A Good Friend

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Everyone has friends around them, or at least I hope so. Friends are special people who we all need in this world, someone to depend on, tell your deepest secrets to, or even have a laugh with. Sometimes friends may be good or bad, but you still need them still, because sometimes you just need someone to, you know, be happy with. I also had many friends that were really good at being a friend, like I can share my deepest secrets to. I’ve also some friends who were just, let’s say weren’t the best. I know one friend I have who is one of my many good friends, who always listens to me, and never lets me down. Her name is Sav. Sav is a kind, thoughtful, and supportive friend, who always cares for me and other people, and sometimes puts her friends before her. I…show more content…
When it comes to being supportive, it can be very helpful to other people. People need support from friends, because either it’s to do something, finish something, or even to start something, you will need support to help you along the way. I think Sav is very supportive. An example for her support, is that one time, the volleyball team I was on were in the finals, and I could see her in the stands cheering us on to support us. Not only was she there for the finals, but the games before that. To me, Sav’s support helped me a lot that time, because it encouraged me to keep going even when I felt like our team was going to lose. Another example for her supportiveness that I can recall, is when I had to leave school to go to a piano exam. Before I left, she called out to me, “Good luck Hannah!” This gave me a boost of confidence. There were more times like this, another in track and field, when I was competing in the 200m run at a mini-meet. As I was running, at one point I ran past Sav, and she was cheering and jumping, giving me more determination to win. These are some examples of how important Sav’s Supportiveness was to

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