Essay About Friendship And Relationships

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According to Psychologist, how do we come to form friendships and relationships with the people we do? According to psychologist people form friendships and relationships with one another in many different ways. There are many different factors that lead to people forming close relationships with each other. One of these factors is the need to belong to a group or affiliate is very important to humans. People feel like they need to belong to a social group or an attachment to one another to feel accepted. People feel this without knowing and they are also attracted to people without knowing. Many people don’t realise that the people they see more often and interact with on a daily basis are the people they are more attracted to. This is known as the repeated exposure effect. The more you are exposed to something or someone, the more you like it. (Gerig et al, 2012). This can even be messaging someone online everyday as it still gives the people talking to each other a sense of closeness. In 1959, Festinger,…show more content…
Most people who are stereotyping and prejudging are often ignorant and misinformed about the characteristics of the people they are judging. (Berstein et al, 2006). This can be changed by groups being organised and informing people about different cultures and different social groups. This can help people change their perception of people and also help form friendships and even relationships. This helps prevent people becoming outcast and being unable to form friendships and relationships with people , in a perfect world prejudice would be handled better and many more people would try and prevent it but in the world we live in humans cannot help but stereotype and pre judge as it is built into our genes from many years ago. But the people who try and stop prejudice form many friendships with the people who they are trying to stop it
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