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Essay № 1 Choosing one’s future career is not straightforward as it seems. During my last year at school, I enthusiastically studied different careers, however, still right after the school leaving ceremony, I felt uncertain concerning the pathway of my life. Once, I had reached the last floor of my University and, while staring around at admission adverts, my sight stopped on a bright advert of the foreign languages department. It said: “ Choose foreign languages, you will be always in demand on a job market, you will be able to think globally.” Until now, I am entirely satisfied with my decision to study English, Foreign Literature and German at University. Thank to knowledge of German, French and English which I received here, I hope to apply to a…show more content…
Understanding that my degree in English language at University won't be enough to find a management position after graduation, I began searching for the bridge, which will connect me with a business world. At that time I indeed didn't realize what I was looking for. Finally, I had found an interesting link on one of Business schools' pages. They offered a three-week intensive program for students with non-business backgrounds. It was that I was looking for. Being enthusiastic, I had found a dozen of similar programs. However, Tuck Career Bridge attracted me more than others, since it not only teaches students business essentials. As compared to other similar programs, Tuck Career Bridge is "career-focused″, it introduces students to job markets, teaches how to work in a team. I followed Tuck Bridge in social networks this summer and was surprised to see how the process of studying there goes: students work on different projects, solve market problems, analyse a data. This is exactly what will contribute to my career in

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